• Image of Skinny Mary & Sir Harry

Meet Skinny Mary & Sir Harry.
Part of the special series, 
Monochromatic Twins they
mirror each other perfectly.
With a dark stain applied 
to their surface, the warmth 
emitting from their base 
pairs well with their vintage,
tulip shaped, tinted glass.

1,5 meter long, hand dyed textile cable.
EU compatible plug (can be used with a converter worldwide)
E14 fixture, includes a DDR filament light bulb. 


Pastperfekt is a design project by Kelly Tivnan based in Berlin.

Kelly believes in giving new lives to objects that are no longer being used. The main element in each series comes from those old, discarded objects found anywhere and everywhere. She aims to transform them into something new and, in the process, use as much recycled material as possible.

Read our interview with Kelly here.